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Alternative Investments

The shift into alternative investments gathered pace in 2016, they offer investors the opportunity to achieve higher returns, diversification and assets not correlated to the stock market.
Alternative investments are becoming an essential investment tool for investors looking to achieve less volatile and higher returns than traditional investments.
The Investment Experts have explained below some of the popular alternative investment sectors

Mini Bonds

This is where an investor loans their money to an entity for a predetermined duration. The investor will then receive either a variable or fixed-rate of return for doing so.


An individual savings account, or ISA, is a way to save or invest money without paying tax.

Peer to Peer Lending

Where an investors capital is lent to an individual or company usually conducted online.

Property Fund

A property fund is a pool of funds invested directly in property or property shares.

Other Alternatives

There are hundreds of other alternative investment opportunities out there, from hedge funds to fine art.

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